Dual Writer



Microsoft Word Dictation Course

This course is designed to help you quickly get started using dictation and voice commands in the Windows version of Microsoft Word.

Start with Lesson 1 if you haven’t set up Speech Recognition on your computer. After that, you can go through each lesson in order, or click on the links into topics you are interested in.


Lesson 1

Setting up Speech Recognition

Learn how to set up Speech Recognition on your Windows computer.


Lesson 2

Using the Shared Speech Recognizer

Learn how to operate the Shared Speech Recognizer - the interface that allows you to speak to your computer.


Lesson 3

Basic Dictation with Microsoft Word

Learn the basics for creating documents in Microsoft Word using dictation.


Lesson 4

Correcting Dictation Mistakes

Learn the essential commands for quickly correcting dictation mistakes in Microsoft Word.


Lesson 5

Selecting and Editing Text with Voice Commands

Find out how to use voice commands in Microsoft Word to select and edit text.


Lesson 6

Navigating Documents with Voice Commands

Learn the most useful voice commands for moving the cursor within you Microsoft Word Document.