Dual Writer

Transcription Features

  • Integrated Transcription Features
    Includes complete word processor, speech recognition and media player in one application
  • Versatile Operation
    Use the mouse, keyboard shortcuts or voice commands to control the media player
  • Audio File Formats Supported
    WM, MPG, MPEG, M1V, MP2, MP3, MPA,
    AU, SND
  • Video File Formats Supported
    MP4, M4V, MP4V, 3G2, 3GP2, 3GP, 3GPP,
  • Fast, Precise Controls
    Voice commands for Jump, Skip and Repeat allow rapid navigation through media files to exactly the spot you want
  • Timestamps
    Say "timestamp" to insert the current media playback time into your transcript

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionComplete Transcription Software Solution

Dual Writer gives you a complete transcription software solution.

Now you can do all your transcription work in one software program - Dual Writer.

Dual Writer gives you everything you need in one application to transcribe your audio and video files. It provides a full featured word processor, speech recognition and built-in media player. It’s all there.

Dual Writer keeps it simple, with a focus on features that make transcription easier and faster.

Couldn’t catch what was said? Click the Repeat button, or just say “repeat that.” Playback resumes from the point where playback was last started, so you can easily repeat exactly the same segment. Say “repeat that” as many times as needed until you can make it out.

The Restart Offset will save you a lot time. When you resume play after a pausing, Dual Writer restarts one second before the pause point. This ensures that you hear the beginning of the sentence you paused at. The Restart Offset is configurable so you can set it to any amount of time you want.

Transcribe all popular audio and video media formats.

Dual Writer is free to download and try for 30 days. And you can buy it right now for only $29.95.

Try it out at no charge. Dual Writer’s transcription features are easy and intuitive to use, and take only a few minutes to learn. You’ll be working at full speed after just one session.

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionTranscription Tools in Dual Writer

Click Transcribe to open the media player.
Install Dual Writer and you have everything you need.
Click the Transcribe button to open the Transcription panel inside the Dual Writer document window. It’s built-in. Click the Open button to select a media file and you’re ready to get to work.
Windows Media Player is built into the Dual Writer Transcription Panel
Dual Writer incorporates Windows Media Player.
Windows Media Player supports a wide range of audio and video file formats. Dual Writer gives you full control of the key features you need to quickly navigate your audio and video files.
Control the media player by mouse, keyboard shortcuts or voice commands.
Control media playback any way you want. You decide.
You can use the mouse to click the controls. Or select any shortcut keys you want. You can even use voice commands for precise control of media playback. Good bye foot pedal!

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionClick the Start Button to see a demonstration of Transcription with Dual Writer

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionTranscription Tip of the Day

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionThe truly complete transcription solution. Really.

Dual Writer puts it all together to solve your transcription problems.

There are a number of different tools you need to transcribe audio and video media files. A word processor is a must have transcribing tool. Many transcription programs give you only a simple text editor to do your writing and editing. So when the transcription is done, you are still not done. You have to save the text file and then open it in a word processor and do your formatting and spell checking, and then some search and replace to clean it up. But what happens if you need to go back to the media file again? Now you have two separate files with different information.

Many transcription programs offer a media player that works outside of your word processor. The problem here is that you must get them working together. The shortcut keys you want to use to control the media player probably conflict with your word processor. So you have to settle for awkward, difficult to remember keys for play and pause, like F2 or F5.

Without the integration offered by Dual Writer, command keys that are easy to use and remember, like Control-P, are not available. It’s almost easier to reach over to the mouse and just click the media player. Except you have two windows open to navigate between. When you click on the other window, your word processor stops working, so you have to click back. It’s easier to just struggle with the keys.

Is a foot pedal really an option?

You could buy a foot pedal. But seriously, foot pedals are proof that for many people, function keys are so bad it’s better to use your feet than your fingers. Foot pedals may be good exercise, but they give you very limited control. As with the function keys, you can only do a couple of things with your foot pedal, like play/pause, fast forward and rewind.

The Dual Writer Dictation Tab in the ribbon bar.

Dual Writer's transcription panel is just a click away.


The All-In-One Solution for Transcribers

Dual Writer addresses all of these problems with a complete, full featured word processor with built-in speech recognition and built-in media player. It’s one program. Install Dual Writer and you have it all.

With Dual Writer you are working in a word processor that allows you to do all your editing and formatting while you are transcribing. Spell check as you go. Search and replace. And you can save you transcription document as a “.docx” file so it’s compatible with Microsoft Word.

Transcribing with Dual Writer

Click the Transcribe button in the ribbon bar and the Transcription Panel opens inside Dual Writer. It’s part of the program. It’s right there above your document. You can control it with the mouse or from the keyboard if you like. Set any shortcut keys you want and they will operate the media player while the Transcription Panel is open. You could use Control-P to play and pause the media file. When you close the Transcription Panel, Control-P will print again, just like before. There are no conflicts.

Clicking the Transcribe button opens the Transcription Panel right above your document.

Opening the Transcription Panel displays all the media controls available for transcription.


Voice control with Dual Writer is the best the way to go.

Trade in your foot pedal for a USB headset microphone. Dual Writer’s built-in speech recognition lets you dictate your documents, and give voice commands to control the media player. One option is to type your transcript and control the media player with simple, powerful voice commands that give you precise, instant control. No need to fast forward. Say the words, “Go to five” and the media player advances to the five minute mark instantly.

With Dual Writer's voice commands, you simply say the word “go” to play and pause. There is no reaching, no clicking, no stomping. Just say “go”.

To instruct the media player to go back 30 seconds, say “jump 30” and the player instantly jumps back 30 seconds. Say “skip 45” to skip ahead 45 seconds. You don’t have to press the correct function key 4 times to advance that far. Just remember “jump back” and “skip forward,” followed by the number of seconds you want to go.

When you get tired of typing, you can use the shortcut keys or the mouse to control the media player and dictate what you hear into the document. Transcription is the ideal use for speech recognition. Just repeat back what you hear and Dual Writer does the typing for you.

Using voice control for commands and dictation

Dual Writer knows when you are saying a command or saying something to be entered into the document. This means you can use your voice to control the media player and dictate your transcript at the same time. For those of us who hate hard word, it’s the ultimate way to do transcription.

No speech recognition program is perfect. But with just a little practice you’ll quickly get to 95% accuracy. That’s about one wrong word out of 20. Dual Writer is called Dual Writer because you can use the keyboard, mouse and speech commands all together at any time. So simply select wrongly entered words with the mouse and retype them. Or try saying them again.

Dual Writer learns your voice and becomes more accurate the more you use the speech recognition features. Also, you will get better at doing dictation as you gain experience. Learning to speak clearly and precisely for dictation is like learning to type. It just takes practice.

Dual Writer makes it simple to get started, but it’s very powerful, with hundreds of voice commands for navigating your documents, and selecting, editing and formatting text. So it gives you a lot of room to grow as you get better at dictation. The way you choose to use Dual Writer’s features will change over time with practice and experience.