Dual Writer

Speech Recognition Features

  • Speech Technology
    Uses the Microsoft Windows Speech Recognition
    System built into the operating system
  • Hundreds of Voice Commands
    The popup Command List lets you search the hundreds of commands you can say to navigate documents and select, edit and format text.
  • Speech Enabled Transcription Controls
    Use simple voice commands to operate the built-in media player for fast and efficient transcription.
  • Speech Dictionary
    Open the Speech Dictionary to add custom vocabulary, or import lists of words.
  • Listen Back to Your Documents
    Just say “Start Reading” to hear your work read back to you - an invaluable proofing tool!
  • Video Tutorials
    Video Tutorials help you get started quickly and learn the essentials of dictation with Dual Writer.
  • Printing
    Print and Print Preview. Supports all
    printers that work with Microsoft Windows.

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionBe More Productive with Speech to Text

Type and talk with Dual Writer - the fastest, easiest way to write.

Dual Writer is a word processor for Windows that lets you use a keyboard, mouse and microphone to type and talk all your papers and reports. Your speech is converted into text and placed directly into your document, no typing required. The Speech Feedback Window in Dual Writer eliminates any confusion by showing you how the Speech Recognition System interpreted your words. You can use speech to dictate your ideas, or give word processing commands. Dual Writer lets you navigate through your documents, select, edit and format text - all by voice command.

Click the Dictation Button and start talking to add text to your documents.

Whether you write papers for school or reports for work, Dual Writer makes writing more fun - so you get more done.

Do you ever get writer's block? No problem. Just start talking. It's a completely different experience from typing. Dual Writer takes the drudgery out of composing the first draft of a report. It's perfect for getting all your ideas on paper. Typing is work. Talking is natural.
Download Dual Writer and try it free for 30 days.

Dual Writer is free to download and try for 30 days. And you can buy it right now for only $29.95.

Try out Dual Writer at no charge, and experience word processing powered by speech. It's easy to get started. All you need is microphone. No additional software is required.

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionVoice Recognition and Dictation in Dual Writer

Dual Writer does not change your operating system or other applications.
Installing Dual Writer doesn't change your computer system.
Your Windows operating system and other applications are unaffected by Dual Writer. Everything still works the same. Try it for free, and if you choose not to purchase Dual Writer, you can simply uninstall it.
Dual Writer speech to text capabilities are ideal for people who need assistance using the keyboard and mouse.
Speech to text assists those with limited mobility.
Dictation with Dual Writer eliminates much of the stress involved with typing, especially for long reports and big assignments at school. Speech to text helps reduce repetitive strain injury, and allows slow typists to accomplish more in less time.
Use voice recognition commands or the keyboard and mouse to create and edit documents.
Mix voice recognition with the keyboard and mouse.
Integration of speech recognition in Dual Writer allows you to dictate your thoughts, as well as move the cursor, select, copy, paste, delete and format text. Just say the command or use the mouse and keyboard, whichever is easiest.
Use voice recognition commands to move the cursor and navigate documents.
Quickly navigate through your document with voice commands.
You don't need to search and scroll with Dual Writer. With Dual Writer's built-in voice recognition, you just say commands like "go to the next paragraph", and "go to page 4". To find a particular word or phrase, say "go to" and the phrase you want.
Use Dual Writer's text to speech feature to read back your documents.
Use text to speech for reviewing and proofing your documents.
Dual Writer can read back to you the selected text in your documents using text to speech. It's the best way to proofread your work, catch missing words and find passages that need clarification.
Copy and paste your dictated document into any other applications that use text.
Copy and paste your work into other programs.
You can use your completed dictation in other applications. Dictate into Dual Writer, use the thesaurus, proof read, spell check and format, then copy and paste into other applications that use text, such as email.

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionClick to see dictation, document navigation and text editing using voice commands!

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionUsing Dual Writer to Create Documents

Microsoft Windows Speech Recognition System is integrated into Dual Writer

Dual Writer uses Microsoft Windows' advanced Speech Recognition technology to effortlessly convert your speech to text, and give word processing and transcription commands. In just a few minutes you can set up your microphone, take the interactive speech tutorial - and you're ready to go. The tutorial shows you all the basic dictation commands you need to get started. And Dual Writer's comprehensive list of voice commands instantly appears whenever you need it. Just say, "What can I say?"

To improve the accuracy of the voice recognition system, you can train your computer how to correctly understand your own unique speech patterns and word pronunciations. The more you use it, the more accurate it becomes. And with practice, your dictation skills will improve as well. The time spent learning the fine art of word processing with speech recognition will make you a better, more productive writer.