Dual Writer

Word Processing Features

  • System Requirements
    Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8
    or 8.1, and microphone.
  • File Formats Supported
  • Correction Tools
    Spelling Checker and Thesaurus
  • Formatting
    Character and paragraph styles, plus
    selectable Style Sets.
  • Layout
    Supports tables, floating text boxes
    and images, headers and footers.
  • Printing
    Print and Print Preview. Supports all
    printers that work with Microsoft Windows.
  • Dictation and Transcription
    Complete with fully integrated Speech Recognition and Transcription.

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionThe Fast, Easy to Use Word Processor

Dual Writer lets you write the way you want, with any combination of keyboard, mouse and microphone.

Dual Writer's word processing features are fast and easy to learn.

The ribbon bar at the top gives you instant access to all the commands. There’s nothing complicated to figure out.

Dual Writer is simple to use and easy to learn. If you have used Microsoft Word, then you already know how to use Dual Writer. Dual Writer even saves files in the same “.docx” format supported by Microsoft Word.

Dual Writer helps you quickly write, format and print professional looking documents at work, home and school. It has the features you need, and others you won’t find anywhere else. Dual Writer integrates dictation with traditional word processing, making it uniquely versatile. Switch instantly between typing and talking. Use the mouse or navigate documents and select text by voice command. Key in your thoughts or say them out loud. Then hear your work read back to you with built-in text-to-speech.

Help is just a click away with comprehensive help file and video tutorials.

Any questions? Dual Writer has a comprehensive help file and video tutorials to guide you through the features.

Download Dual Writer now. You can use for free for 30 days, and order it for only $29.95.


Dual Writer Tip of the Day

Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionUsing Dual Writer to Create Documents

Dual Writer supports all popular word processor file formats.

With Dual Writer, your documents are compatible with other word processors. This allows you to share your work with everyone else. Dual Writer supports all popular word processor file formats, including .DOCX used by Microsoft Word and .ODT used by Open Office. You can even open documents created in one format and save them in another.

Supported file formats: DOCX (MS Word 2007 format), RTF, HTML, MHT (Web page archive format), XML (WordML format), ODT (Open Office format), DOC (MS Word 97-2003 format), EPUB and TXT (plain text). Documents can also be exported to PDF from the Print Preview window.

Dual Writer includes a built-in spell checker and thesaurus.

Dual Writer comes with a built-in Spell Checker and Thesaurus. Just click the Spelling button and the spell checker takes you through any unknown words and offers suggestions. You can correct misspelled words and add your own words to the custom dictionary. Using the "Check as you Type" mode, unknown words are automatically underlined for you as you type. This will save you a lot of time when transcribing.

Dual Writer's Thesaurus is the essential writer's tool for quickly finding just the right words to express your ideas. Just enter a word, and the Thesaurus will offer a selection of related words and phrases. Double click one of the suggestions in the Thesaurus to have it automatically inserted into your document.

Dual Writer supports tables and floating objects.

Dual Writer lets you organize your ideas into tables. You can add tables with any number of columns and rows. The table editing tools make it simple to split and merge table cells, insert and remove rows, and add borders and shading to individual cells in the table.

Another powerful layout feature of Dual Writer is floating objects. Floating objects can be pictures or text boxes that can be positioned anywhere on the page. You can insert a picture, adjust the size and drag it to the location you want. Text can be automatically wrapped around your pictures. You can add borders and even rotate pictures to get the effect you want.

Dual Writer includes a collection of pre-defined character styles.

Dual Writer includes all the character and paragraph formatting features you expect in a full-featured word processor. Characters can be formatted using different settings for font, font size and character styles, such as bold, italic, underlined and strike-through. You can also set the text and highlight colors. Formatting options for paragraphs include alignment, indentation, variable paragraph and line spacing. In addition, Dual Writer provides a number of bullet and line numbering options.

Save time with Dual Writer's character and paragraph Style capabilities. Styles define a group of text formatting characteristics you can set in one click. Dual Writer also offers a collection of predefined Style Sets that eliminate the need to define your own.

Dual Writer prints to any Windows compatible printer.

Dual Writer supports all printers that work with Microsoft Windows. The Print Preview feature lets you view your document exactly as it will appear on paper. You can zoom in and out, and view multiple pages at the same time. You can also add headers and footers from Print Preview and change the document background color.

From the Print Preview window you can export your documents to PDF format. The PDF file format provides you with the ability to share your finished documents with other people in a universal format that can be viewed by anyone.


Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech RecognitionDual Writer Screen Shots

  • Word Processor plus keyboard plus microphone equals Dual Writer.
  • Dictate your business reports, school papers and letters.
  • Dual Writer supports all popular file formats.
  • Format your documents with a wide range of options.
  • Preview and print out your documents to any printer.
  • Easily add headers and footers to your documents.
  • Create and edit tables to organize your information.
  • Dual Writer includes a Spell Checker and Thesaurus.