Dual Writer

Dual Writer Software for Speech Recognition

Dual Writer software programs provide enhanced Speech Recognition technology to word processing in Microsoft Windows. You can supercharge Microsoft Word with the Speech Tools Add in, or get Dual Writer, a complete word processor with integrated Speech Recognition and transcription.

Speech Tools Add In for Microsoft Word. Speech Tools Add In for Microsoft Word

Finally! The tools you need to take dictation to the next level in Microsoft Word.

Speech Tools installs in Microsoft Word and adds the critical features you've always wanted, including a complete list of over 800 dictation commands. These are commands you could have been using all along, but didn't know they existed!

Get up to Speed Fast with Speech Tools.

There is no need to learn anything new with Speech Tools. Dictation in Microsoft Word works just the same as before, with the same familiar speech interface. You don't need to do voice training again, or create a new custom dictionary, or spend hundreds of dollars on a different Speech Recognition system and start over.


Get More Done - Faster!

The powerful new features in Speech Tools will make you more product and improve your results.

Speech Tools adds over 100 new commands, fast access to the Custom Speech Dictionary, an integrated text to speech feature, plus the ability to add your own new commands to insert commonly used text. There is even a complete transcription system included. And all it works inside Microsoft Word.

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Dual Writer Word Processor with Speech Recognition Dual Writer Word Processor

Dual Writer is a full featured word processor for Microsoft Windows designed for dictation.

If you don't already have Microsoft Word, Dual Writer is the perfect alternative. It gives you the power of Speech Recognition integrated into a complete word processor.

File compatibility with Microsoft Word.

Dual Writer opens and saves files in the same file format as Microsoft Word, using the ".docx" file extension. And it uses the same familiar ribbon bar interface. Dual Writer is not as powerful as Microsoft Word, but it has all the critical features you require for home, school and office use. And the price is right: only $29.95!