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When do I need to use the registration key?

    You can install Speech Tools and Dual Writer on more than one computer. You will need to enter your key when:

  • You first purchase and install the program
  • You later upgrade to a new computer and want to install the program again.
  • You want to share Speech Tools or Dual Writer with a friend or family member who uses a different computer
  • You reformat your hard drive and reinstall the program

Can I give a registration key to a friend?

    Yes. You can use your keys any way you want to.

What happens when I run out of keys?

    You will need to purchase the program again if you want to keep using it on a new computer.

Does the registration key ever expire?

    No. The program will continue to be registered indefinitely. The only exception is when your computer crashes and the hard drive is reformatted. You will need to enter your key again to reinstall the program.

Thank you for using Dual Writer Software!